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Japan Trip:Day 3

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Dec. 23rd, 2010 | 02:54 am

-We walked to Akihabara from Asakusa today. It was surprisingly near, and the path was pretty much a straight line.

-Met up with Terence, Ah Fa and Wayne, and a bunch of them disappeared into the depths of a card shop, which left me, Xhar, James and Eddie to explore Toranoana (We also visited the T2 illustration exhibit that was held in the basement). After lunch we split ways and I went on a solo journey around Akihabara.

-A quick raid of Mandarake Akiba proved fruitful as I located a bunch of Zerohaku doujinshi I was missing. Found the Haruhi DVD volume I was missing, and bought random stuff from random shops, visited the tiny Kamikaze Style in Akiba. Then headed back home, satisfied from wota-retail therapy.

We headed out at 6pm, to go to Vocaloid Night Vol. 14 as planned. Things went wrong, we got lost, and had to ask for directions from three people. It was 8pm by the time we got to club axxcis, and low (aka Shake Sphere) was already starting on his set, which meant that we missed KTG (Cheetahgirl), Aether_Eru and SketchP. We paid at the entrance, got two drink tickets (I got grapefruit juice from the counter and kept the other as a souvenier), and settled down at the sofa on the side of the platform to enjoy the event.

(Also, according to twitter, millstones came to the event, but I didn't get to meet him :<)

low's set was pretty energetic but it wasn't the sort of music I liked. However, ten minutes towards the end of his set, Hachioji P appeared and I joined Eddie in going crazy on the dance floor in preparation. Hachiouji P did not disappoint, doing a few pretty weird DJ calls (the nyan pose... oh my god), spinning ELECTRIC LOVEEEEEE, and a few songs I didn't recognize because I've not been actively listening to his works. He also spun Yellow, and I felt proud of myself because I led the two-clap part on the second verse. (Step and clap!)

After Hachiouji P was the reason why I was at the event: Vocaloid Night regular, BAKER.

I fangirled. And danced.

Baker's set was amazing! After having taken in the fact that THE REAL DEAL was standing one meter away from me and was DJ-ING LIVE @_@, I really got into the music. Haruyo, the VJ, had mofumofu alpaca headphones, and the alpaca plushie on the CDJ started spinning. He played an extended versionof Gain (FURUKAWA KUN), then played Koneko no Payapaya. Getting to dance/do the PAYA PAYA! call with other vocaloid fans is an experience like no other. SketchP was in the audience and was apparently grooving along, but I was too engrossed in grooving too so I didn't notice him till he ran up on stage to tweak the EQ for baker, which was funny. Baker wasn't too amused and started whacking his head with the alpaca plushie in time to the bass drum 8D つけるよ!

Baker also did a few funky dance mixes with classical music (Beethoven <3), and it meshed into a remix of Po Pi Po! Cue the two frame dance.

Screaming SOYA SOYA and DOSSE DOSSE and then A AA AA A A AAA with a crowd is also an unforgettable experience. From Vegetable Juice, the song faded into the starting bassline for his remix of Hannya Shinkou. The girls standing next to me started grooving with their hands together. It was so much win! Also, this was the last song I would have expected to hear mixed live, and I loved it! I've been playing this mix a lot myself too, since it's on my iPod.

Next, he spun the remix of ARPK which he tweeted about a month or so ago, and it was wonderful. Mofumofumofumofumofumofu

The set was then wrapped up with a beautiful mix of Koi Ha Sensou. Words cannot describe how epic it was.

After the set ended, all the staff/DJs/VJs gathered on the stage to give some closing comments. Most of them were about plans on Fuyucomi releases. Someone (I forgot who, think it was HachioujiP) mentioned that he was going to do a remix for AVTechNo!'s next album, and then SketchP (Who was still in the audience having fun) shouted "KAT TUN!" in a falsetto voice. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud 8D 8D Tsukeruyo! Most of the Ps will be doing something for Nagimiso's doujin project for fuyucomi, so I guess that booth is a must-go now.

When the comments ended, I got to talk to this groovy fan who was dancing on the floor for the entire length of the event. We took a group picture! It's always nice to meet people with similar interests :D

And then, indirectly thanks to Eddie, I mustered up the courage to ask Baker for a photo. It was like talking to my God, and I was a bundle of nerves. BUT HE AGREED WTF. I felt quite bad because it was like I gaijin smashed my way through, but he seemed really surprised he had fans from overseas (OF COURSE YOU DO BAKER SAN :D).

And so this is the photo. It is now my treasure for life.

And on top of that, one of the staff/p (I didn't catch his P-name when he was introducing himself) gave me a copy of the audio sauce of the live mixing for VN14!! I felt so touched and I kept asking if it was okay for me to have it.

And thats the end of the report of my first clubbing experience. This is probably the best day of my life ;_;

Ume, out!

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Comments {4}



from: d_wolfwood
date: Dec. 22nd, 2010 07:07 pm (UTC)

I saw a happy fangirl going =DDDDDDD

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from: anonymous
date: Dec. 23rd, 2010 12:57 am (UTC)

Happy idol is happy I see, Senchan must be happy :D <shia

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from: d_wolfwood
date: Dec. 23rd, 2010 08:21 pm (UTC)

.... eh?

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from: demonzoids
date: Dec. 23rd, 2010 11:54 pm (UTC)

Only if they play the songs you like, i guess.

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